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host a series

Churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations can help families and individuals in their congregations, employment, and community find success in their lives by providing the                               


The classes are easy to follow – just insert the video (DVD or flash drive) into a TV or computer,
and follow along with your fill-in-the-blank workbook.

A free training course is provided for those who purchase the entire set, which includes forms,
powerpoint presentations for training, recruitment tools, etc. – everything you need to host a
series of these life-transforming classes

Key components to making this program a success in your organization are:

  • Provide volunteers who serve as mentors and budget counselors for class participants. Change is difficult – everyone needs a friend to walk that journey with them

  • Provide incentives / rewards to participants for doing their assignments. Ideas for that
    include working with your local food pantry to provide groceries, get donations of $20
    gift cards from department or grocery stores, fast food restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.

  • Provide free child care and/or a meal for class attendees.

We provide:

  • Program Plan & Sample Schedule

  • Participant Screening/Referrals

  • Volunteer Orientation, Training, Ongoing Guidance

  • Facilitator Support

  • Media publicity

  • Recruiting of volunteers from other churches (if you want this service)

Partnering Church or Organization Provides:

  • Class meeting day & time – the full program is two hours weekly for two semesters of 3
    months each. It is beneficial to plan celebratory events such as Christmas parties,
    Graduation ceremony, etc.

    • Success Series Class videos and Facilitator’s Guide. Complete set includes 6 “practical”
      modules (24 classes) + Spiritual Insights (25 character-building devotionals on the life of
      Joseph) for $350.

    • OR purchase individual sets:
      o “Practical” modules include 6 modules of 4 classes each and cost $49 each
      o Spiritual Insights module includes 8 classes divided into 25 devotionals and costs
      $69 each

  • Purchase student workbooks @ $25 each or 5 for $100 (Programs often choose to then
    sell to participants as a registration fee)

    • Room with TV/DVD player or projection setup

    • Volunteers:
      o Facilitator
      o One Mentor per 2 Participants
      o One Budget Counselor per 2 Participants
      o Incentives and Participant Needs Team

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