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About Us 

Escape from Poverty focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering those in need through education and relationships, fostering support and hope within a faith-driven community.

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Escape From Poverty is a Christian nonprofit organization empowering families to break free from poverty and achieve lasting success. Since 2011, our comprehensive Success Series program has transformed lives by focusing on career growth, life skills, and supportive community networks.

The Success Series

  • Foundation for Success: Building strong foundations for personal and financial stability.

  • Success Pathfinders: Youth-focused guidance for educational and career growth.

  • Success Circle: A supportive network for graduates.

  • Tailor-Made Success: Customized programs for specific groups and organizations.


Join Our Mission

Join us in empowering families to unlock their potential and build fulfilling, prosperous lives. Your support will help us create positive, generational change.

People Skills 3-4-4.jpg
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