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We exist to ignite hope, success and transformation by empowering impoverished families to ESCAPE FROM POVERTY by providing Success Series power courses, relationships, and motivation within a faith-based community environment.


Escape From Poverty was founded in 2011 by Linda Lanclos.  For years she worked in various relief organizations and ministries until one day she realized the relief efforts were only band-aids. After handing out gifts to a low-income family for Christmas, she had the revelation - "They're still going to be poor tomorrow." Presents and toys would not repair their broken floors or provide a better future for their children. She thought that life skills, education, and support would provide generational changes for the families.


After much prayer, GOD gave her the vision to provide this assistance and to film it! With the help from the community, Linda create a curriculum to partner with the filmed classes. She added volunteers, mentors, budget counselors, and a network of change. Now the Success Series can be taught at churches and organizations around the world. 


Escape From Poverty is the only Christian non-profit organization in Acadiana that is working to help families ESCAPE FROM POVERTY, not just survive poverty.  Most non-profit organizations focus on financial relief (helping with rent, utilities, food, etc.) or enhancing the education of children. We focus on the root causes of poverty by helping parents overcome their weaknesses and find their strengths and develop those strengths so they can increase the quality of life for the entire family.  We delve deeply into the lifestyle and character of each participant in our program and help them to grow spiritually, financially, mentally, and emotionally (body, soul, and spirit).  We may help fewer people than relief organizations, but we help those families TRANSFORM, not just provide short term relief.  

Using our Success Series courses, ESCAPE FROM POVERTY (EFP), partners with volunteer organizations, such as local churches, to provide 49 weekly life skills classes (two classes per evening for 4 months).  We also provide mentors, budget counselors, child care, and meals for small groups of people who want to learn how to escape the cycle of poverty and find success through attending these classes.


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