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Are you Ready to Become a Person of Excellence?

Tired of Spinning your Wheels - Underpaid,  Underemployed, and Lacking Joy?

Now is the Time to Fight for your Success!

Classes are free and are held at various churches and non-profit organizations. They are
offered once per week for 4 months. Some offer free meals and childcare.


There is a registration fee of $25 for your Workbook.


To join a class, call us at (337) 984-4858 or click here.

Classes are currently being held in Lafayette, LA. Because our video
curriculum is simple and easy to use, you can start a program in your area.

Click here to find out how

upcoming CLASSES


Spring 2023 - Join Today!

Thursdays @ 5:30pm - 8:00pm

703 Lee Ave., Lafayette, LA 70501

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