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“Escape from poverty focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering those in need through education and relationships, fostering support and hope within a faith–driven community.”


“This class is about more than budgets and helping someone get a better job. For me, the ability to just pray and fellowship and just be supportive is what really made the difference. So many people don't have that and aren't used to that kind of Love, let alone from strangers.”  ” 


—  6 year volunteer, Lafayette,LA.


Have you been  struggling in an area of your life and just can't seem to get on track? We welcome you to join us to learn root causes, gain knowledge and skills, develop your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses so you can discover success.


Do you desire to be part of a cause that is making a difference in YOUR community? We have opportunities for you to use you're God-given talents to serve our participants. 

Do you want to be part of this cause, but can't volunteer, yet? There are many needs to fill the gaps that poverty causes. Donations and Sponsorships from individuals, businesses, and organizations are welcomed blessings from our partners.

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