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Escape from Poverty has the honor of being one of the authors of the Community Assessment Survey. Teresa is part of the Northside Survey Group that is partnering with LCG to launch the Northside Community Assessment Survey to identify and address concerns, needs, and critical issues facing the Northside of Lafayette. This survey is for anyone living, working, or worshiping on the Northside; EFP serves and partners with individuals and businesses that fall in this category.

This project is significant to our community. We are one body in Lafayette, and if one of our parts is hurting, it is our responsibility to do our part to assist. We start by completing this short survey. Participating in this survey will help the government, organizations, businesses, churches, and nonprofits, like EFP, identify and understand how we can better serve and empower the Northside.

We thank you in advance for your participation. Click the Button Below.